central parking


Central Parking offers more than just parking.

At Central Parking we aim for nothing less than total customer satisfaction. In addition to the well-known ways of parking, valet parking, shuttle parking and terminal parking, Central Parking offers additional services at various airports and cruise terminals in the Netherlands. During the reservation of a parking space, you have the option to book additional services, such as charging your electric car, booking a car-wash package or having your car refueled.


If you want your car to be charged when you return to the Netherlands, we can do that for you. When booking, you choose the electric charge option and make sure your charging cable is in the trunk of your car.


If you have your own charge card and would like to use our charging service, that is also possible. When you make your reservation, you choose the option of electric charging with your own pass and your charge card and charge cable are in your car. We then arrange that your car is ready to go again when you return.


Do you want us to wash your car for you during your trip? No problem! Our professional car-wash staff always tackles that thoroughly. When booking, simply choose one of our washing options. If desired, we will wash the exterior of your car, we will vacuum the interior completely or we will ensure that your car is properly waxed again.

If you have any special wishes for one of our wash products you can always contact our customer service to see what else we can arrange for you during your trip.


If you are planning to travel longer and do not want your car to be parked outside or if you do not want your car to be parked outside at all, just choose the option for indoor parking. To protect against weather influences such as sun, hail and snow, we advise you to park indoor. In addition, it is also always an extra security for your car.


When you return to the Netherlands and want to resume your voyage quickly and you do not have the time or desire to drive past a petrol station with your car, you can choose refueling option when booking.

Our skilled drivers will make sure that they refuel your car before you receive it again. The refueled amount can be payed for upon return and you will receive a receipt thereof. So you can quickly get on your way without delay.