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Terminal Parking

Terminal parking at Central Parking Eindhoven

With our terminal parking service for Eindhoven Airport your comfort comes first. Unlike our valet service at the departure hall or regular shuttle parking, the departure hall is only 2 minutes from the parking on foot. You will be received by our parking operator on the Valet buffer zone at the Marinus van Meelweg 2. The car is received and a colleague registers the mileage and moves the car to our parking location. This is a closed terrain. We store the car keys in our vault. You only have to walk from the Valet buffer zone to the corner, allowing you to check in for your flight within 2 minutes . This way you can quickly and easily start your journey and your car is safely parked.


Step 1 - Make a Reservation

First, you simply make a reservation on our site, CentralParking.nl, after which you will receive a booking confirmation from us.


Step 2 - Check your reservation

You can change or cancel your reservation free of charge up to 24 hours before departure. If this is not possible or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


Step 3 - Departure

You can drive directly to our Valet buffer zone at the Marinus van Meelweg 2. The car will be received and parked by our skilled driver at our parking location. We keep the car keys securely in our safe. After parking you can immediately walk to the terminal (approx. 150 meters) to check in for your flight.


Step 4 - Arrival

When you return from the flight, your car will be ready for you at our Valet buffer zone. U walk back from the terminal to the Marinus van Meelweg 2 and report to the parking manager to get your keys back again. This way you can easily and quickly continue your journey home.