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Valet Parking

Valet parking at Central Parking Schiphol

At our valet parking service for Schiphol Airport your comfort is our main concern. When you arrive with your car in the “bend” between Departure Hall 2 and 3 a driver of Central Parking will be waiting for you. The driver will help you unload your suitcases and take over the car from you. After you have handed in the car keys, you can walk directly in to the departures hall to check in for your flight. So you can start your trip carefree and we handle the rest.

During our intake process at the airport, photos are taken of your car and the mileage is noted. We then park your car and make sure that any complementary services, such as charging or washing, are carried out. When you return to Schiphol, our driver will be standing ready for you with your car at the designated location, so you can continue on your way quickly.


Step 1 - Make a Reservation

First, you simply make a reservation on our site, CentralParking.nl, after which you will receive a booking confirmation from us.


Step 2 - Check your reservation

You can change or cancel your reservation free of charge up to 24 hours before departure. If this is not possible or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


Step 3 - Departure

25 minutes before arrival at Schiphol, call us via 023-2052 639. We make sure that one of our skilled drivers is standing ready to take your car directly in the bend between departures 2 and 3, after which he will park the car in our secure car park.


Step 4 - Arrival

Once back in the Netherlands, you call us, when you have your luggage complete, on 023-2052 639. We then make sure that your car is neatly waiting for you again in the bend between departure halls 2 and 3.