Priority Service

Priority Service Silver

You call us as soon as your plane has landed. We drive your car back to the bend between departure hall 2 and 3. This is about 15 minutes after your call ready.
€ 6,95

Priority Service Gold

You call us as soon as your plane has landed. Your flight details are known to us. Your car will be directly included in the bend between departure hall 2 and 3.
€ 14,95

Additional Options

Indoor parking

€ 14,95

Electrical Charging

€ 14,95

Cancelation insurance

€ 1,99


Carwash Classic

Your car is completely cleaned on the outside.
€ 19,95

Carwash Platinum

Your car is completely cleaned on the outside and completely vacuumed inside including cleaning of windows and mirrors.
€ 34,95
Number of days
Location CPR
Valet Parking Service
Business Parking
1 day
29,00 e
35,00 e
2 days
34,00 e
70,00 e
3 days
39,00 e
105,00 e
4 days
44,00 e
140,00 e
5 days
49,00 e
175,00 e
6 days
54,00 e
210,00 e
7 days
54,00 e
245,00 e
8 days
59,00 e
280,00 e
9 days
59,00 e
315,00 e
10 days
59,00 e
350,00 e
11 days
64,00 e
385,00 e
12 days
64,00 e
420,00 e
13 days
69,00 e
455,00 e
14 days
69,00 e
490,00 e
15 days
71,50 e
525,00 e
16 days
74,00 e
560,00 e
17 days
76,50 e
595,00 e
18 days
79,00 e
630,00 e
19 days
81,50 e
665,00 e
20 days
84,00 e
700,00 e
21 days
86,50 e
735,00 e
22 days
89,00 e
770,00 e
23 days
91,50 e
805,00 e
24 days
94,00 e
840,00 e
25 days
96,50 e
875,00 e
26 days
99,00 e
910,00 e
27 days
101,50 e
945,00 e
28 days
104,00 e
980,00 e
29 days
106,50 e
1015,00 e
30 days
109,00 e
1050,00 e

Why choose Centralparking?

  • The largest valet parking service at Dutch airports and PTA
  • Open 24 hours a day
  • Drive your car directly to the terminal
  • No hussle and no waiting
  • Changing and cancelling free of charge

Parking fares at airports and cruise terminals

Parking at airports and cruise terminals can be expensive. The closer to the terminal, the more expensive it gets. Centralparking offers a valet parking service that allows you to drive straight to the departure terminal. There you meet Charles or one of his colleagues. Upon your retu your car will be waiting for you. Most people prefer a valet parking service over shuttle service because they do not like the hussle of a comfort bus and the waiting time upon retu..

Cheaper parking with Centralparking

The prices of valet parking at Centralparking are cheaper than parking directly at the airport or cruise terminal. Because of these lower prices, more and more people opt for a better parking solution. For that reason, valet parking enjoys a growing popularity among travellers: a first class service for a fair price.

Safe and Reliable

The quality of the Valet Service
Centralparking has 7 years' experience and parks nearly 80.000 cars annually. Centralparking is fully insured at every Valet Parking Service at Schiphol.

Your Drivers

Parking your car should be our concern, not yours
Regardless of the make or model, your car will be handled with the utmost care. We are continuously training our employees to be safe and courteous drivers.

Partners of Centralparking

Our Partners
We are proud of our long term cooperation with various airlines and travel agencies who endorese the same high standards of service.
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