Our procedure

Step 1: Booking
Step 1: Booking
First you can make a reservation at www.centralparking.nl. After you made the reservation you will receive a confirmation email from Centralparking.
Step 2: Change the reservation
Step 2: Change the reservation
You can change or cancel your reservation up to 24 hrs before departure by sending an email.
Step 3: Departure
Step 3: Departure
Call Centralparking 25 minutes before arrival at the airport. Tel. +31 23 2052 639. Our driver will be waiting for you between departure building 2 and 3 in the corner.
Step 4: Arrival
Step 4: Arrival
As soon as you claim your luggage, please call Centralparking at Tel. +31 23 2052 639. Our driver will be waiting for you with your car between departure building 2 and 3.
Step 5: Give us feedback
Step 5: Give us feedback
Please feel free to tell us what you thought of our services! Share your experience with www.centralparking.nl

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Why choose Centralparking?

  • The largest valet parking service at Dutch airports and PTA
  • Cheaper than Schiphol Valet Parking
  • Open 24 hours a day
  • Drive your car directly to the terminal
  • No hussle and no waiting
  • Free reservation changing and cancellation up to 24 hrs of departure.

Valet Parking is caring

The bases of valet parking is trust: You trust us to take care of your car and park it on a secure parking premises. Unfortunately that does not mean we will park your car in a golden palace, but it certainly means that your car will be driven carefully and parked safely. Our surveillance includes a fenced parking area with security cameras and 24/7 presence … all year long.

Valet parking means service

It does not matter what car you drive – each car is treated with the utmost care. We have drivers who are 24/7 available at different airports and cruise terminal in order to be at your service as soon as possible. Obviously we help you with your luggage. We gladly take some extra time for disabled people whilst serving our business travellers quickly.

Safe and Reliable

The quality of the Valet Service
Centralparking has 7 years' experience and parks nearly 80.000 cars annually. Centralparking is fully insured at every Valet Parking Service at Schiphol.

Your Drivers

Parking your car should be our concern, not yours
Regardless of the make or model, your car will be handled with the utmost care. We are continuously training our employees to be safe and courteous drivers.

Partners of Centralparking

Our Partners
We are proud of our long term cooperation with various airlines and travel agencies who endorese the same high standards of service.
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