Priority Service

Priority Service Silver

You call us as soon as your plane has landed. We drive your car back to the bend between departure hall 2 and 3. This is about 15 minutes after your call ready.
€ 6,99

Additional Options

Electrical Charging

€ 15,00

Cancelation insurance

€ 1,99


Wasbeurt exterieur

Uw auto wordt compleet krasvrij gewassen. Velgen en deurstijlen worden gereinigd.
€ 24,95

Wasbeurt VIP Superpolish

Uw auto wordt compleet krasvrij gewassen en krijgt daarna een WAX-behandeling. Velgen, ramen en deurstijlen worden gereinigd. Auto wordt aan de binnenzijde uitgezogen en compleet schoongemaakt. Automatten worden chemisch gereinigd.
€ 49,95

Wasbeurt Ozonbehandeling

Onaangename luchtjes zoals huisdieren en rook kunnen hardnekkig zijn. Wij gaan ze te lijf met ionisatieapparatuur die zorgt voor een blijvend schone atmosfeer in de auto. Denk hierbij aan rook- of brandlucht, schimmel, stinkende airco etc.
€ 69,95

Wasbeurt showroom clean

Uw auto wordt professioneel gepolijst en krijgt een WAX-behandeling. Velgen, deurstijlen, hemel, dashboard, ramen, matten worden gereinigd. Bekleding wordt diep-gestoomd.
€ 195,00
Number of days
Location CPE
Valet Parking Service
P1 Gold
1 day
55,00 e
32,50 e
2 days
55,00 e
65,00 e
3 days
55,00 e
97,50 e
4 days
55,00 e
130,00 e
5 days
60,00 e
140,00 e
6 days
65,00 e
150,00 e
7 days
70,00 e
160,00 e
8 days
75,00 e
170,00 e
9 days
80,00 e
180,00 e
10 days
85,00 e
190,00 e
11 days
90,00 e
200,00 e
12 days
95,00 e
210,00 e
13 days
100,00 e
220,00 e
14 days
105,00 e
230,00 e
15 days
110,00 e
240,00 e
16 days
114,00 e
240,00 e
17 days
118,00 e
240,00 e
18 days
122,00 e
240,00 e
19 days
126,00 e
240,00 e
20 days
130,00 e
240,00 e
21 days
134,00 e
240,00 e
22 days
138,00 e
240,00 e
23 days
142,00 e
0,00 e
24 days
146,00 e
0,00 e
25 days
150,00 e
0,00 e
26 days
154,00 e
0,00 e
27 days
158,00 e
0,00 e
28 days
162,00 e
0,00 e
29 days
166,00 e
0,00 e
30 days
170,00 e
0,00 e

Why choose Centralparking?

  • The largest valet parking service at Dutch airports and PTA
  • Open 24 hours a day
  • Drive your car directly to the terminal
  • No hussle and no waiting
  • Changing and cancelling free of charge

Parking prices at Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport has over 5,000 parking places available. These are parking places for travelers regardless if travelers stay for short term or long term at Eindhoven Airport. Prices of parking at this airport depends on the distance towards the terminal. At parking places located further outside the airport premises, people tend to park their car themselves and they will be brought to the airport by shuttle bus.

Cheaper parking than Eindhoven Airport itself

Prices for valet parking with Centralparking is, compared to other parking solutions at or near Eindhoven Airport, cheaper. Because of our lower rates, more and more travelers opt for the valet parking service of Centralparking. It is cheaper and has better service. You meet our driver at the departure terminal and your car will be retued to the same place.

Safe and Reliable

The quality of the Valet Service
Centralparking has 7 years' experience and parks nearly 80.000 cars annually. Centralparking is fully insured at every Valet Parking Service at Schiphol.

Your Drivers

Parking your car should be our concern, not yours
Regardless of the make or model, your car will be handled with the utmost care. We are continuously training our employees to be safe and courteous drivers.

Partners of Centralparking

Our Partners
We are proud of our long term cooperation with various airlines and travel agencies who endorese the same high standards of service.
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